Apology Letter To Employee For Payroll Error

Many companies do make payroll errors and the management has to write an apology letter to employee with a sorry note and also ensure that the error is rectified paying the complete salary. Many companies have their payroll software automate the pay slips of employees and sometimes it does happen that the payroll software operates with errors and few of the employees have been paid less salary with unnecessary leaves.

Writing an Apology Letter To Employee from the HR department can ensure that the employees are informed about the error and happy to continue their work. Follow the sample letter below write an Apology Letter to Employee for Payroll Error.

Sample Apology Letter To Employee For Payroll Error:

HR Department
Dated: 07/12/2015

Email ID:

Subject: Apology For Payroll Error

Dear Sunny,

I am mary from HR department, I am sorry to see that your salary for the month of July was not paid, I very sorry for this issues as it has happened the first time, I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to improper functioning of the payroll software. I have rechecked and your salary for the month of July is $5000 which will deposited in your account on 15th July 2015. The amount you will receive is $4800 due to one leave you have taken.

I further request you to write an email to HR and finance departments with CC to your manager, so that the issues will be considered high priority and salary will be delivered quickly. I have registered a complaint and the ticket ID is #66565, please note down the ID and share it with the finance department while emailing them.

I once again apologize of the error and hope this issue will never happen to any employee.

HR Department