Business Apology Email Letter to Customer

A business apology letter to a customer is written when a customer receives bad service or damaged product, the company tries to ensure the customer doesn’t go further in making any legal consumer complaints.

An apology letter should be written immediately after the customer shows his dissatisfaction. A customer can show his dissatisfaction writing a letter, email, commenting or writing a review on a forum can damage the image/brand of a company. Acting proactive can help the company retain the goodwill. So make sure you write the letter apologizing for what has happened and also make sure you provide the right service. Follow the sample business apology letter to customer.

Sample Business Apology Email Letter to Customer:

Subject: Apologizing for sending the damaged product

Dear Bill,

It has recently come to my notice about the complaint of defective laptop sent to you on March 25th 2015. It was matter of shipping, where the screen got damaged. I sincerely apologize of the issues which caused 1 week of waiting time for you. I sorry to say that we couldn’t send you the new laptop the next day of your complaint. But, once i came across your interactions with the customer support. I have personally raised a high alert email and you will receive the laptop today evening i.e 30th March 2015 by 6:00 PM.

We have never made any customer wait for such long time and once again ask your apologize for this issue. We are a company that have always valued out customers and offered great service. We want you to continue the same relation with our company.