Business Email Sample Asking For Quotation

Write a business email sample requesting/asking for quotations from a company where you like to purchase products or leasing a service, the quotation request could either be a follow up email after a phone call or first time contact.

When asking a quotation makes sure the email is written in a simple format, write down all the products to know the price. The email should show them that you are interested in purchasing the products and further be their client. Write to them about the kind of work done in the office and why you require the products and service. Make sure to have the company’s letterhead printed along with the email.

Normally a company approaches for a quotation when they need to order items in bulk, if the quotation is very less compared to other competitors; the company would prefer to have a trade very soon. When the email is written in a professional way, one would expect to build a relation between business owners. The sample below will help you write the email asking for Quotation in a professional way.

Business Email Asking For Quotation Sample:


Date: 10/16/2014
ABC Hosting service

Subject: Price Request

Dear Johnson,

I am writing the follow up email regarding the discussion we had yesterday, the purchase of dedicated servers and reseller hosting for our new company portalisticmatric. We have just started our new company 2 months ago; the requirement for the new company seems to be high as we deal in the online marketing stuff. I request you to provide the quotation for the products and services below:

2 dedicated Linux servers
1 dedicated windows server
Best reseller hosting plan

Along with the quotation we would also request you to share the details like RAM, HARD DISK, CACHE, PROCESSORS etc… Our projects in the office deal with online clients and we are expecting a business with never have down time.

We are expecting a quick response and hopefully will have your services offered very soon.

Thank you,
Kallis jos