Business Email To Confirm A Meeting Sample

Follow the sample business email below to write an email to confirm a meeting in a company. The confirmation emails are written when a meeting is canceled previously and now it’s officially confirmed.

Meeting are a daily part of business life, they are named as conferences and group talks in different places. When a meeting is confirmed, it means it should be shared with everyone who needs to be a part of it. It is the responsibility of the manager who leads a team or project to email the whole team of employees.

When writing such business emails, it should be written in a professional way to alert the employees to confirm the date, time and location of the meeting. The causes of previous meeting cancel and why the meeting is important. The same below can help business managers to draft an email to confirm with ease.

Meeting Confirmation Email Sample Letter:

Email IDS (of all the users to attend the meeting)

To The Members Of Marketing Team

I would like to inform you that the final meeting with the CEO of the company is confirmed on 18th October 2014, at grand paradisehotel, Los Angeles. I hear from would like to request all the team members of the marketing to attend the meetings, where the employees are allowed to share their feedback regarding the problems faced and solutions to resolve them.

Last time the meeting was scheduled and due to various administrative problems it could not take off, but this time it would be a great opportunity to share your problems directly with your CEO.

I wish this meeting will resolve all the internal issues of the team and hope everyone attends the meeting sharp at 12:30am.

Roy Prince