Business Proposal Email To Client

How to write a winning business proposal? A business proposal is a document prepared by a small business company informing the large firms to hire them. The large corporate firms will give a part of their business to small companies and we have to send them a business proposal to handle a project on behalf of the companies.

The best example of the business proposal is made by the publishing companies; the publishing companies connect to large organization and send them a business proposal to handle all there print needs, the print needs would be printing vouchers, cards, letters, hoardings, AD publishing, presentations etc.. The business proposal should be prepared with all the projects you will handle and the pricing should be less than your competitors.

A business proposal should be written in a professional format, as the main aim of the proposal is to work for a company and you need your proposal to get approved. The letter should state your objectives, goals, solutions and clients you have handled previously. Take a look at the sample business proposal email/letter format to a client.

Sample Business Proposal Email / Letter to A Client


Marketing Manager:

Subject: Business Proposal Email

Dear Samuele,

Clearweb communications started as a small business company in New York in 2007 and has hundreds of top clients in U.S, we have been handling all the print and advertising services. our main goal is to enhance your business and help as many clients we can to grow their business.

We have been striving hard to make an impact with the modern business standards and new strategies to give a new dimension to your business. We would like to be a part of your business and would prefer to handle your print and advertising services. The business proposal has been attached below along with the pricing details. I wish we would be partnering soon.

Here at Clearweb Communications, we work on vouchers, presentations, ID cards, Ads, hoardings, online advertising, payment gateways, surveillance cameras, advertise in magazines, news papers etc. From past one year we have been offering clients with T-shirt printing.

All the proposal details are attached below and hope we can soon be working together. The rates could be negotiable; you can reply back to the same email or call at 5757-445-989.