Business Transfer Agreement Letter Sample

When a company faces huge loss in business, they may either sell or transfer it to another firm. In such situation a business transfer agreement letter helps in making a final note to the seller that the company is now in the hands of buyer and the total ownership is handled by the buyer.

Business transfer agreement should be made before the law and the buyer should pay the complete amount before purchasing the company. Follow the sample transfer agreement letter to help in writing the basic points to finalize the deal.

Sample Business Transfer Agreement Letter:

Dear Gayle,

This is peter from Xes Automobile Company; we have already gone through your proposal and see that you wish to transfer your car service company to Xes Automobiles. I would like to state that our manager has just addressed after meeting with your managers that he has approved to purchase the company. He has also informed that deal should be finished by end this week.

I feel you are ready to sing in all the documents as per the business agreement law of our state. We have attached the agreement letter which carries all the statements that you have agreed in transferring all the assets of the company to Xes Automobiles. Once you have signed all the documents we will be meeting before the law authorities next week and finalize the business deal. Find the agreement form attached below.

John Allegro (Xes Automobiles)