Category: Complaint Letters

  • Complaint Letter About Defective Product Or Goods

    Writing a complaint letter about defective products or goods is very important for the company to know about their manufacturing defects. When writing a complaint letter make sure you specify the date, model number, product name and SKU number printed on the box. Today most of us order goods online through shopping eCommerce portals and […]

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  • Complaint Letter To Editor About Noise Pollution

    Learn how to write a Letter To Editor About Noise Pollution, the noise complaint letter should be offered in a professional way to a newspaper editor letting them know the about the noise pollution facts and laws. Follow the letter to the editor format and modify accordingly. Sample Letter to Editor About Noise pollution in […]

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  • Writing Complaint Letter About Power Failure

    Complaint Letter About Power Failure: Take a look the sample complaint letter complaining to the editor about the frequent power failures in your location. The sample letter format is perfect way sharing these issues with the editor of a newspaper, so the government takes a quick action in resolving these issues. Sample Complaint Letter About […]

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