Category: Farewell Letters

  • Sample Farewell Letter To Brother

    Writing a farewell or goodbye letter is always an emotional act that is attached to every relationship. You may bid farewell to your brother if he is leaving the family to a faraway place for long term. Writing Farewell Letter To Brother: To [Name] [Address] [Zip Code] [Email] [Mobile] Hi Peter, I really don’t know […]

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  • Sample Farewell Letter to a Boss after Resignation

    Follow the sample farewell letter to thank your boss for his motivation and kind help he gave in the company. After resignation from the job role it’s the duty of an employee to write a farewell letter to boss as he is the one who has helped you in every part of the work process. […]

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  • Sample Farewell Letter To Colleagues At Work

    A professional farewell letter or email is a personal letter written to managers or colleagues. Many of us have great experiences working in various companies, it always hard to say goodbye. But, life goes on and one should start a new journey. Professional farewell letters should be written with all you personal thoughts and feelings; […]

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