Child Support Agreement Letter

A child support agreement letter is written to help the children financially when parents are getting separated or divorced as most of the parents put together child support without going to court, as they take help of a professional.

The federal government has set of rules to work on the sum of child support that should be paid. In most of the families one parent pays to others to help cover the cost. Parent should consider of the child support as soon as they break up. Kids benefit a lot with the financial support they need.

Sample Child Support Agreement Letter:

Follow the sample child support letter below:

Hi Susan,

I am Jacob the Lawyer of Matthew, I am writing this letter to let you know that Matthew’s has agreed for the child support agreement and pay 50% of child expenses and you would be paying 50%.

We have also discussed on this early this week and as you didn’t turn up today i want you to confirm if you are fine with the agreement. Take a look below on how the agreement will be formed and details required.

Father of child:
Mother of child:
Number of children:
Children’s names:
Children’s Ages:
Province of residence:
Annual gross income of paying parents:

Your case is called has shared parenting where your child will live with dad for 1 month and another month with mother. So you will be sharing the same expenses. The reason you will be sharing the same expense is that both earn the same income. I have verified income tax details of both and confirmed that both will share 50% of the income on the children.

If you are alright with the clauses of the child support agreement you can reply back the same and we will arrange the official agreement form. The effective date of the agreement will be on 5th of June.

I will be waiting for your confirmation

Thanking you
Lawyer of Matthew
XYZ Law Firm