Collection Letter Reminder Samples

When a payment becomes overdue, it is really annoying to a supplier. But this annoyance and anger should not find an expression into your collections letter. Below are the given of sample letters.

The First Reminder

Dear Sir

Account No…./ Invoice No…

According to our records the above account dated… is now overdue for payment.
The amount owing $.. Seems to have escaped your notice. Therefore, we request you to settle it at your earliest convenience.

In case, however, you find the statement of account and invoice incorrect, or you have any objection to raise, please let us know immediately so that we do our best to satisfy you.

We look forward to your early response and settlement of the account.

Yours Faithfully

The second Reminder

Dear Sir,

Account No…./ Invoice No…

We want to remind you again that this account is overdue for payment.

We had given you a credit facility for 60days, but we have found that on several occasions payments have fallen overdue and our reminders for payment have met with no response. In return of our prompt delivery we expect timely payment.

Please settle your account immediately.

Yours sincerely

The Third Reminder

Dear Sir,

We are sorry to say that our earlier two reminders asking for payment of your overdue account have had no response.

We shall be obliged to cancel your credit status in case you fail to settle your long overdue account within 15 days of the receipt of this reminder.

Please send your bank draft /cheque towards full settlement at the earliest to maintain out cordial business relations.

Yours Sincerely