Complaint Letter About Defective Product Or Goods

Writing a complaint letter about defective products or goods is very important for the company to know about their manufacturing defects. When writing a complaint letter make sure you specify the date, model number, product name and SKU number printed on the box.

Today most of us order goods online through shopping eCommerce portals and we sometimes receive defective goods when we try to operate. Writing a complaint letter can quickly facilitate you get back the most excellent products. Follow the sample Complaint Letter about Defective Product or Goods:

How To Write A Complaint Letter About Defective Product Or Goods:

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Dear Smith,

I regret to write that the pair of trousers brought from your online store sku no 5456 dated on April 15th, 2015 is of low-grade quality. I am not satisfied at all with it. It has shrunk and faded in the very first wash. The stitching is also not the anticipated standard. It has given way at one place at the seam.

Yours is a reputed online clothes shopping portal and I have been buying readymade garments from you for the last several years. The supply of this poor quality garment is quite surprising.

I hope you would not hesitate to replace it with a quality pair of trousers. I am waiting for your reply before I call on you for this purpose.

Yours Sincerely