Complaint Letter To Editor About Noise Pollution

Learn how to write a Letter To Editor About Noise Pollution, the noise complaint letter should be offered in a professional way to a newspaper editor letting them know the about the noise pollution facts and laws. Follow the letter to the editor format and modify accordingly.

Sample Letter to Editor About Noise pollution in your city

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Dear Sir,

Some of the national environmental problems were discussed during the pre-Earth Summit Conference recently held in Kuala Lumpur. But to my great surprise the ever increasing noise nuisance in the city was not discussed at all.

Perhaps not many are aware that noise is a dangerous pollutant. It is all around us in the cities and towns: there is traffic noise, domestic noise, manufacture and industrial noise. The there are rock and pop song and above in the sky the noise of the aero planes. Noise disturbs our tranquility, rest, functioning competence etc. very adversely. It causes annoyance, irritation, sleeplessness, short temper and many mental and physical ailments.

Noise may go unnoticed sometimes, but it certainly causes profound psychological changes in our body. The noise nuisance, when very earsplitting, may cause declining flow of blood in the small vessels, dilation of pupils, tensing of physique, digestive disturb, edginess, concern etc. The most important effect of noise is in the form of gradual loss of hearing.

Noise control laws are there but they are not of much use since they are not strictly followed and implemented by the concerned authorities. Only the increased public awareness can properly deal with the menace which is growing louder with the passage of time. A brave new concept suggests that planning of trees can reduce the nuisance to some extent.

Yours faithfully