Consulting Email Letter Agreement Sample

The sample agreement letter assists in getting a client to work on behalf of your company either for finance, IT, Manufacturing, Production, recruiting service etc. The Consulting agreement states that the client is going to provide certain service for a period of months to years.

Consulting agreements are very import part when two parties come together, for example if a company can’t take care of the recruitment process the company can handover the service to a recruitment consultancy, who then is responsible for candidate selection, interview screening. Find below a sample letter format on who to write an effective consulting letter agreement.

Sample Consulting Email Letter Agreement


Bob Jones
Managing Director
JobSource IT Services
Date: 22nd July 2015
Email ID:

Subject: Consulting Agreement For Recruiting Service

Dear Bob Jones,

This is Hugh Chewning from Brigade IT service, this letter/email is written to let you know that we have already had a discussion about the IT recruitment process, which will be handled by your company. Our CEO has accepted to give you the recruitment process in selecting the IT candidates for a period on one year. This letter is to inform you that you need to follow the terms mentioned in the agreement form attached below. Once the agreement is signed, you will start the recruitment process for us. Find below the basic agreement terms that needs to be followed.

•JobSource IT Services and Brigade services agreement will start from July 1st 2015 and end on July 1st 2016.
•JobSource IT Services will be selecting and screening the candidates for our IT sector.
•The payroll will be initiated by JobSource IT Services
•JobSource IT Services will take 10% of the salary from the candidate for first 6 months.
•In case the performance of the candidate is below expectation, then JobSource IT Services will warn the candidate and if the performance is not improved the candidate will be terminated by JobSource IT Services
•JobSource IT Services will take care of the leaves of the candidates

The above mentioned agreement terms are basic and you can go through the full agreement form attached below. Once you signin and reply back we can start working from the Commenced date.

I feel you would agree to the terms and conditions and happy to work with us soon.


Hugh Chewning
IT Managing Director
Brigade IT service