Customers Reply Letter To Payment Request

As a customer when you are unable to make the payment process for any reason its your duty to replay back to the supplier or a company from which you have taken service. It should be like a apology letter and also write down the exact reason why you would not pay the amount. Also write when you will pay back the amount.

Sample Customers Reply Letter To Payment Request:

Dear Sir,

In response to your reminder dated 12th March…. I enclose a cheque for $ 50.50 in full settlement of our account no. 153 with your Invoice No F.437. I really regret the delay in payment and sincerely apologies.

Your bill remained unpaid on account of my absence from the office because of some serious illness. Moreover, I forget to give instructions for your bills to be paid. I discovered this slip of my mind when I returned to the office today.

The delay in payment of your bill has not been intentional at all. It was just an oversight. I once again sincerely apologies for this long delay in payment.

Yours sincerely