Daycare Termination Letter From Parents

Parents can write a daycare termination letter when they want to stop the contract for any reason. A daycare termination letter should be written before 1 week.

Sample Daycare Termination Letter From Parents:

Sub: Daycare Termination Letter

Hi Teresa,

I am writing this letter to terminate my daughter Jennifer from your daycare center. The reason for terminating the service is because I have seen there is no proper care taken in the daycare center and also the price when compared to other center very high. I am writing this letter a week in advance and the effective termination date would be 8th May 2015.

I have already mailed you many times about how kids are taken care of and I see there is no change. I have searched a few daycare centers and the price’s are very cheap.

According to the contract I will be paying the total sum of this month.