Dealership Agreement Letter Sample

Take a look at the sample dealership agreement letter to ensure the products or services of your company are agreed to sell by a 3rd party. The third party or dealer gets a commission to sell your good or products, make sure you get together into a dealership agreement through a letter and authorizing the dealer, i.e. giving him right to sell your products.

Sample Dealership Agreement Letter :

Dear Samsun,

I am writing this letter to finalize dealership agreement, through this letter you will be our authorized deal who will be selling our products for a profit of twenty percent on the retail list. It just took us some time to finalize the dealership agreement as we had to verify many details of your company. The back ground check provided that best of dealers in the city handling many other top companies.

As I said earlier you can sell our products for a commission of twenty percent and ensure you don’t handle out our products any other third party. In such case we will cancel the dealership and never turn back.  The dealership has been approved and you can start selling our products from May 15th 2015. As per the dealership contract you will have to sell the products for 2 years effective from 15th May 2015. Once the agreement is finished we can go further by the way our products popularity. I hope you have best fame in selling and marketing our products.

The agreement of dealership letter is attached below and fill the all the details and for any further queries you can contact me on number given below.

This is our first association and hoping to make the relation stay forever.



Sales manager