Email, Letter: New Employee Announcement

A company prefers to announce about a new employee to their coworkers and managers only when the employee joining is known to be an expert in certain field. The announcement is made through an email or letter. When writing a new employee announcement letter make sure write how he is going to help the firm and the date of joining, previous experience, achievements etc. Follow the sample letter format below to draft in a proper way.

Sample New Employee Announcement Email Letter:

To: [RECIPIENTs Email Ids]

Subject: New Employee Announcement

Dear Staff,

I am Sophia, the HR manager, I would like to inform you about a new employee who is going to join out company on 1st august 2015. He is Miller, who would be heading the marketing department of our company; he has over 6 years of experience in as marketing manager and previously worked for [XYZ Company]. It would be a great to have someone like miller who has previously helped many firms promoted through marketing.

It would be a delight to watch him promote our products and client through his unique marketing strategies and I would like all the marketing team to be at the conference room at 11AM on 1st august and introduce every one. Before that you can take a look at his achievements and contributions in his linkedin profile.

Wish him all the best and welcome him to bring a success to out startup company.

Sophia [HR Manager]