Emergency Leave Request Letter To Boss Or Manager

Take a look at the sample emergency letter below and follow the format when you’re writing it your boss or manager. Emergency leave is taken when we have unknown issues or accidents, you can be sick or medical issues. The emergency would be with your family or friends, in such situations you need to write a letter that mentions the reason for the emergency leave and for how many days the leave will be.

Follow the Emergency Leave Request Letter format and draft your own letter or email.

Sample Emergency Leave Request Letter To Boss Or Manager:

Subject: Request for Emergency Leave

Dear Sir,

I have a sudden emergency in writing you this letter to inform you that my father had heart stroke all of a sudden yesterday night around 11 PM. He is admitted in hospital and kept in ICU, for now the doctor’s advised me to stay with him for a week till the entire medical tests are completed.

I am requesting you to grant me a leave for 1 week, i.e from Nov 28th 2014 to Dec 5th 2014. I will get back to work on 6th Dec and ensure that all the pending work assignments are updated once again.

I hope you understand the situation and approve my leave. I have also attached the scanned copies of medical reports, as our company’s policies require a proof.

Yours sincerely
Adma Gal
(Technical Support Engineer)