Employee Performance Review Letter

A performance review aims to assess the job performance of an employee in an organization. It’s an important part of career development and must provide a fair and balanced evaluation of an employee’s performance. The assessment is done in terms of quantifiable goals and objectives achieved by the employee against the set target.

There is no fixed format for writing a performance review letter. However, make sure, you keep it formal. Draft one with an appropriate, professional tone to go with your company policy and leadership style. A good performance review letter should state the quality level of any employee’s work, mention the areas he/she does exceptionally well in, and offer suggestions on how the employee can improve upon. Keep the language concise and polite, and support your assessment with proper reasoning.

Here is an example of employee performance review letter:


Performance Review of Mr./Ms. (Employee’s Name)

Dear ___________,

Let me congratulate you in successfully completing 4 years of service in this organization. I sincerely appreciate your outstanding performance and contribution to the project. This year saw a tremendous improvement in your leadership qualities helping your team achieve more than the set target.

You showed good interest in learning new technologies as demanded by the job, which is highly commendable. Your dedication and commitment in successfully steering the project through thick and thin is also noteworthy. However, you still need to work little harder on making your communication skills more effective. I’m sure, you’ll make the best use of the workshops the company will be organizing in near future.

Thank you for being a part of our dedicated workforce. I wish you good luck in continuing your great service to the company.


(Your Name)

(Your Designation)