Employment Termination Letter Sample

Employment Termination Letter is written to an employee of a company where he/she has not followed the rules of the company. The employer writes the termination letter with a reason to terminate. Follow the sample employment termination letter.

Sample Employment Termination Letter





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Subject: Employment Termination Letter

Dated: 30th June 2015


Mr Gillespie

After several warning and notices send to you by the admin department is shame to see that you repeated the same mistakes often. This is to inform you that you’re dismissed from your duties as team leader from 30th June 2015.

The discussion was taken by all the managers after watching the CC camera recoding where you have been sleeping in the night shifts without assisting your team. The team already generated very less revenue and in spite of many warning it is unbelievable to see a person with great potential not following the duties.

The other reason for which you have been dismissed is that you have never been in time to office; especially in the night shifts. The work reports are not sent on daily basis.

With such attitude it’s hard for us to move on with you. I see there is lot of carelessness in your behavior and feel you have lost passion for the job. You have joined the came on 21st sep 2010 and will be relieving the company 30th June 2015. As the company rules and regulation you will also be paid for the month of July. Make sure you surrender the ID card, password and permission to the manager before leaving.