Family Reunion Invitation Letter / Email Sample

Writing a family reunion invitation letter or email is a delightful incident for family living in different place and counties to come together to meet on the special occasion. Planning for a family reunion is always exiting but the fact is it’s also time intense and puzzling as one need to make an striking invitation letter which should be send to all your family members.

Family reunion invitation letter should be very simple, don’t look for filling the content. Make the words count and kept it short and to point. Writer about the place, date and time of and invitation wordings should be simple.

These days we have family reunion planner where they help in sending the letters to all the members of the family, make sure the place is decorated and gifts are received to everyone. The sample reunion letter below will help you in drafting a perfect letter or email to make delightful reunion of dear and near.

Sample Family Reunion Invitation Letter:

Dear Family Members,

It has been almost 10 years we have seen each other. The last time we all meet was at our uncle’s place in New Jersey, which was when I was too young to remember everyone. This time I have arranged a family reunion in party Pennsylvania on 21st December 2015. It would be an amazing party as you will be spending over two at my residence. Though this letter am inviting you all with heart full of happiness.

I have planned the reunion activities for 2 weeks because we all will celebrate the Christmas and then followed by my engagement on 26th of December. Pennsylvania is a great place I see many of you haven’t seen the great locations and landscapes, this will be wonderful experience. I want you all to be present here as my parents are also getting older and willing to see all you people.

Don’t worry about the accommodation and other facilities everything is already planned. Hoping that everyone will turn up for the reunite and no one will disappoint me. You can contact me on my mobile 6868-665-7798 or email me. I have also attached the address route map. Expecting to have a fun and happy reunion.

Yours Bob!!