Follow Up Letter After Sending Resume

A follow up letter is very essentinal as a part of getting a new job, sending resume doesn’t finish the job, you need to write a follow up letter asking about the status of the profile.

Try to be strightfoward in the letter, ask the question in a direct tone. Once again mention about your skills and experience. Follow the sample letter below to write a follow up letter after sending resume.

Follow Up Letter After Sending Resume Sample:

Deat Samsung,

This my follow up email regarding the status of my job as chef on cruies. I have sent my resume on Aug 2nd and haven’t received any reply from you. I have been working in cruise for almost 6 years, i have been promoted to senior chef and have experience in cooking world wide reciepes. I am eagerly looking to work for your cruies as it the largest one travelling across world. I hope you once again quickly go through my profile. I hope you will call me quickly and will start the journey along with you on 1st September 2015.

You can reach me on 9879-333-222 or email me to the same. Thanks so much.

Your sincerly