Fundraising Email Letter for Donation

A Fundraising Email Letter is written asking for donation from public to help someone in the world. The ask for donations from society to help poor, people who were hit by earthquake, floods etc..A fundraising letter is the best way to tell everyone why they need to donate and how it could help people. Follow the sample fundraising email letter for donation.

Fundraising Email Letter for Donation Sample:

Helping hands

Public Notice: Help the victims of Nepal Earth quake.

Dear Every one,

I am the Owner of helping hands non-profitable organization looking to help people in world. I am writing this letter to let you know that Nepal was hit by disasters earth quake last month and I would require you all to make a what every donations you wish will make remaining people in Nepal leave with food and clothes. This was unexpected and almost lakhs of people are without food, shelter and clothes, I beg you to join the program “helping hands Nepal” you make payments at our branch offices located worldwide or use our web portal to make payments. We are not using a single rupee and all the amount will be used in helping Nepal victims.

In the past we have helped many people and i wish you penny can make the difference in making this world live in peace.

Helping hands manager
David Ainge