Hardship Affidavit Letter

Writing a hardship affidavit letter comes in handy when a person with mortgage finance is requesting an advocate to find assistance from mortgage payment options. An individual will write this letter to an advocate or financial consultant to look and review about the financial matter and to know how to get relief from the mortgage loan.

Sample Hardship Affidavit letter

Subject: Hardship Affidavit letter

Hi Susan,

I am writing the hardship, because we are facing a heavy financial crisis and we have not paid the mortgage loan for almost 3 months. We have already tried convincing the bank officials but as the interest rate is growing they have been given us notices. It has become very difficult for us to pay the interest amount because one of my son is admitted in hospital for almost 4 months and we have been paying huge amounts to get him recovered and currently my husband has left the job for personal reasons.

I have personally request the bank for any alternative and they haven’t replied any positive answers, I kindly want you to help us in this tragic situation and modify the mortgage loan. It would be fine if the bank would wait for another one month.

Thank You