Health Insurance Complaints Letter Sample

The sample letter below will help you write a complaint letter to the health insurance company and letting them know the reason of the complaint. As a insure you pay health insurance amount to the company, but some time you have issues when the policy is not covered when an incident as taken place. In order to question them and resolve the issues you have to write a health insurance complaint letter.

Sample Health Insurance Complaints Letter:

Dear Morgan,

I have been a customer of your company from 2010 and paying my insurance on time, the reason for writing this letter is to let you know that when met with an accident recently and applied for claim, the company rejected to pay the amount, which i think this is some think i have never expected from a huge company like yours.

I need to pay my hospital bills and i need you to rectify this problem from your end. When taking the health insurance policy, it was said that accident treatment would be covered. I have tried calling the customer support many times and there is no proper answer. If the issues get prolonged further, i will have to take a legal action on your company.

I have all the documents which says this insurance plan with policy number ASSS989 cover every accident. Please make sure you give higher priority and the bills are cleared.

Thanks you