How To Write A Business Apology Email Regarding A Bad Service

The sample below allows you to write business apology emails or letter to customer or business client regretting and showing your concern about the faulty product or service.

In today’s world we have made all the communication go digital, and most of the companies assist there brand customers online, regarding technical and non-technical issues of a product. In some cases the agent can provide outdated information which might have caused the product to work faulty. In these cases, either the team lead or the project manager will have the authority to send an email/letter showing the apology and providing with the best solution. Losing a local customer is very bad for any company.

When writing a business apology email, ensure not to mention about the internal issues, it’s always better to make an apology statement at the beginning and then go ahead with the solution. End the letter with showing how much you value customer.

Business Apology Email For Bad Service Sample:


Subject: An Apology From Technical Support Team

Hello Sara,

We apologies for the service provided by the tech agent yesterday, the information provided to you was an outdated solution, as the version of your camera has been updated and agent missed the information before assisting you installing the firmware.

We are really sorry for the issue, which caused the entire image from the memory card formatted. However, there is a way you can still get back all the images by downloading the tool available on the company’s official site. Once you have installed the tool you can connect the camera and go through the onscreen instructions in getting back all the images deleted. The link to the company’s official tool is provided below.

We once again repent for such an issue happened to you. We value our customers a lot and had very few issues as such. I know what it feels when you lose the holiday pictures of the family. I assure you that the tool will assist you in getting back all the images in about 15 minutes, but make sure you follow the instruction carefully. We are always ready to help you at anytime and if you have further issues, please mail back or contact our phone support.