How To Write A Character Letter Of Reference

A character reference letter should talk with reference to the work done by an employee of a company in the past. The reference letter should talk about the endeavors, skills and responsibilities gained during the job tenure. Essentially, the letter should work as a promotional document for an individual, the company should give you a letter that shows the operational soundness and to perform pleasingly. Every interview today asks for a reference letter to confirm his previous work experience, obtaining these letters shows that you’re a workable employee, with solid optimistic work history and solid character.

When drafting a character reference letter it should be polite and honest, as these letters are written from your HR, Managers of the previous company to prospective employers to enlighten your ability’s and proficiency.

The sample letter templates below are written for both employer and employees’ point of view, sometimes the managers Or HR don’t have time to draft the reference letter for you, in such cases, it’s better you write down your own letter and take to the HR for the companies letter head.


Character Letter Of Reference Sample:


Recipient Name
Company Name
Company Address
City, State, Zip
To Whom It May Concern:

Reference for Mr Wittman

I endorse that Wittman joined Dell services in Jan 12th, 2010 and is paid an annual salary of $ 979.11 with other benefits. Since his joining he has provided best services to the company in maintaining the network of all the branches in New York. He has provided most reliable and efficient services in administering and managing the networks of the company without down time.

His job of Network administrator conducts the following responsibilities, Monitoring, setting up, configuring, backups, troubleshooting, administering and managing of all the switches and routers from the main office along with all the branch offices of Dell. He has also a good reputation with all the higher officials and employees, his communication with the clients and interpersonal skills are exceptional.

I accept as true that Wittman will be an asset to any organization that he is working for. I would strongly recommend Wittman for your organization as he will work with the same effectiveness and self-assurance as he worked with us. We acutely are unhappy with his decision to move on and I recommend him without hesitation.

You can contact me on the contact details provided; I would gladly answer any request for further information.

Thomas Parker

Managing Director