How To Write a Grievance Letter to Employer

Before taking a legal action an employee can write a grievance letter to employer stating about any issues faced by employees like verbal abuse, wrong termination, salary delay or health issues. Employer grievance letter is a complaint letter written to boss, CEO, manager of a company to solve any issues faced by the employees, the legal action should only be taken when the employer is not taking any action. Follow the sample grievance letter to employer.

Writing a Grievance Letter to Employer:

Dear Samuels,

I am writing this letter to let you immediately take action against the new manager here at the new branch office. Bob, the new manager appointed to take care of the team is using abusive language before every one on the floor; he is indeed doing it purposely with women. We all have been working in the company for years and it’s really embarrassing to work under a manager like Bob, who seems to dealing all the employees in vulgar manager, it’s not just my complaint; all the employees are facing the same issues. You can personally contact other in my absence and they will let you know the issues. The other issue is, the newly joined employees have not received their salaries, I don’t know if you know about the issues, all most all fresh employees have not be paid for last month.

I wish you quickly talk to Bob to change his behavior, else I am sorry to say this but I will resign my job very quickly. I wish you to take appropriate action soon and have a happy working environment. I feel this grievance letter will help you known what is happening in branch offices and let you monitor every manager before any legal action is taken from the employees. Thanks and looking to hear from you soon!!

Kat Sine