How to Write a Termination Letter

Termination letter is written by an employer when he find the employee is unhappy with the attitude or performance, a termination letter is a way to convey that the employee is fired from the job due to following reason.

A termination letter is written to employee, vendor, service provider, contract, lease etc..the main intention of this letter is to inform the other person that we are ending something. When writing these letter the wording is very important as it’s sometimes painful for the employee to hear the news. Be specific about the reason for why he or she is terminated from the job. Follow the sample termination letter template.

Sample Termination Letter Template:


Subject: Termination Letter

Hello Nick,

I am Stephenson, manager of IT Server Team, through this letter i would like to inform you that you have been terminated from the duty as of 1st Aug 2015. You will have give back the access card, passwords, access permissions to the concerned department before leaving the office. You can collection the relieving letter from the HR department on 5th July 2015.

The reason of termination is, you have not followed the company rules and regulations. You have been our top performer in handling the server for past 3 years, but it has come to my notice that you have been irregular to work and your attitude towards seniors has not been respectable. The performance has totally gone down in past 6 months, i have also heard that you haven’t attended any technical calls in the night shifts. I have been personally watching this from 2 months and warned you thrice. I feel you have no more interest in the job role.

It’s really painful for a company to lose a top performer, but attitude means everything to me. There will be no more discussion from the team lead or managers. You will be off from the duty on Aug. For any clarification you can contact the HR department.

Stephenson (Manager IT Department)