How To Write Credit Card Increase Request Letter

You need to write a credit card increase request letter when you need to increase the limit of credit by the respective credit card agency where you hold an account. The request letter should clearly mention the reason and justly for the reason the limit increase. The purpose an individual looks to increase the credit card limit is to decrease his overall card utilization ratio. As a credit card holder you need to make sure to ask the credit agency or bank to increase the limit. I case you have requested for the increase and still the officials have not looked into your request, then you can use the sample letter below to write your own letter.

Credit Card Increase Request Letter Sample:

Subject: Application for Credit Card Increase Request

Mr Albert,

I am monica, I intend to write this letter after having numerous contacts with the credit card agency officials to increase my credit card limit. I am a valued customer of your bank I have high credit limit for the past 1 year. I once again would write down all the details; my card number 23434333 which was issued on 11th may 2013 and expiry dated as 2024.

I quickly need you to take a look into my issues, which is very much possible if you don’t wish to loss a customer. I have already read the instructions and FAQ of the bank and am eligible to apply for credit card increase. You can check my account number and check all my transactions from your database. I have been waiting for this to happen very soon. I have finished all the paper work a month ago and haven’t received any response from your end.

I would like to once again request to do the needful and maintain the good relation with your customers.

Thanks You