How To Write Long Medical Leave Letter

If you have planned to take a long leave from your work, then the sample Medical Leave Letter will help you writing with the best letter format. The long leave letters should be written to managers as early as possible. In the letter make sure you mention the exact reason and exact duration.

If you feel you’re taking a medical emergency leave and you don’t know when exactly you will be fine, then mention the same in the letter. As most of the organizations need to know how long the leave would as they need to take another person for the temporary purpose.

Sample Long Medical Leave Letter:

Respected Sir,

I am millers and writing this letter to let you know in advance that am taking a long medical leave for 15 days. I am a marketing executive and have been working since 3 years. Today night I had an accident while coming home and right now am in the hospital. I am writing this letter as the doctor have advised me to take rest for 2 weeks to recover from the leg fracture.

I exactly don’t know the exact duration to apply for as I totally need a month of rest to walk. Being in marketing team I need to travel around the city, I would like to take a leave for 1 month. Today is June 12th and I would resume my office work from July 12th. I have also emailed my colleagues about the pending projects to take over.
Please take a look at the scanned medical documents along with x-rays. I hope that you grant me permission for 1 month.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Thanking you