Job Request Letter To Hr Manager

Follow the sample letter below requesting a job in an organization. It can really be tough getting shortlisted, the request letter can easily get you the desired job when written in a standard format, showing your professional qualification and experience.

Job Request Letter To Hr Manager Sample:

HR Manager
Subject: Job request for the post of Web designer

Hi Antony,

As per the advertisement given in Monster web portal, I am applying this job for the title of Web designer with 4 years for experience. As per your company needs I have enclosed my resume along with educational certifications.

I have been looking for such opportunity to work with a company like yours. I have a total of 4 years of experience in web designing and have dealt clients requiring different needs. I have also mentioned my skills and job responsibilities in my resume attached. Some of my key strengths that perfects fits your company needs:

Worked with all most any CMS application
Worked in developing websites using CSS, PHP and HTML 5
Worked on designing themes and plugins

I hear by would like you to go through my resume and take a look at my educational back ground and skills. Hope I will get a call from you soon. You can contact me on 888 999 333 or mail me to

Thanks so much for your time consideration

Json dav