Landlord Ending A Tenancy Agreement Letter

A landlord can end a tenancy agreement letter for various reasons, the fact is that landlords should inform this to the tenants in 2 months advance, and the tenant should vacate the room/house giving the rent and keys to the agent or landlord. Normally it happens sometimes that the landlord is staying far away from the rented property, but it’s his duty to initiate a rental ending agreement letter to let know the tenant in advance of exact date, time he should vacate the building.

A landlord notice to end tenancy could be due to various reasons like, paying rent very late, using the building for commercial purpose, not maintaining hygienic atmosphere, for owners cause, end of employment, if the landlord wants to construct something else…So it all depends how quickly the landlord acts in sending the letter. Follow the Landlord Ending A Tenancy Agreement Letter format sample.

Sample Ending a Periodic Tenancy Agreement Letter:


Dear Jim,

I am writing this letter to inform you that according to the rental agreement we have made, your rental agreement ending will have to happen on march 21st 2015, by evening 5 Pm, which is effective according the rental agreement document. You will have to vacate the building by the exact date and time, ensure that you pay the rent exactly on 1st march and give the keys at my address on 21st by 6 PM.

In case you do not vacate the building on the given time and date I will go ahead and issue the Order of Possession. We have had a good rapport all these years I have to utilize the premises for personal reasons and hence I can’t renew your rental agreement letter further, am writing this letter 2 months in advance so that you will have enough time in getting a new building. Hope you understand and pay rent and bills for all the months and vacate. Thanks so much for keeping the premises clean and paying the rent on time, happy to have a tenant like you.
If you have any queries you can call me on the same number or email me back.

Chris Brown