Leave Application Rejection Email Letter Format

A leave application rejection email or letter is written to member of staff when the management has deprived of a leave request. Typically the rejection email/letters are written by HR team, managers or team leads of particular division.

When a denial letter is written, the employee is usually disappointed. So the person writing the letter should always try mentioning the precise reason for rejection. Follow the sample letter application rejection email/letter.

Leave Application Rejection Email/Letter Format

Hi Nicola Browne,

This is Jessica from HR Department, I have just received you leave application and i am sorry to say that the application is rejected. I see that you are planning to visit your friend’s birthday party, but as you know two of your colleagues have already taken leaves for 1 week and with a startup company as ours the management has requested you to understand the situation.

Our company operates in night shifts and as we are nearing Christmas time, we need employees to handle the customer. This month is very crucial period for our business.

The other 2 employees have taken sick leave so we would not reject their application. We hope that you be aware of the situation and carry on with the responsibility without any disappointment.

Yours Sincerely
Jessica HR Department