Leave Cancellation Email/Letter Format

A leave cancellation email/letter is written back to the HR department to cancel the sanctioned leaves. The letter/email format below will help you in writing a leave cancellation request letter.

Writing Leave Cancellation Email/Letter Format:

Respected Sir,

I am Jackson from Server Engineer department, i am writing this letter to inform you that i would like to cancel my leave which was sanctioned for 1 week. I have actually applied for leave from 1 June to 7th June 2015.

The reason i would like to cancel my leaves is that the trip we have planned got cancelled due to some personal reasons. I would like you to quickly act on this issues and cancel my leaves which were already approved. Hope you will do the needful and the total salary is credited without any lose of pay.

If you have any queries or want me to meet you in personal you can email me or call on 987987978.

Your Sincerely