Leave Extension Email Letter To Manager

Follow the sample email/letter format to write a leave extension email to your manager, boss or higher authority who should grant you permission. An extension leave is applied by an employee to let the management know that an employee is extending his leave for few more days and his/her work follow should not be stopped.

Leave extension letter should follow a specific format as you are once again applying extra days of leave. So make it a formal letter with reason for the leave extension.

[Email ID]

Subject: Leave Extension Letter
Dated: 07/05/2015

Sample Leave Extension Email Letter:

Hi Salomon,

This is Charlene from IT recruiting department, I have already taken 1 week sick leave and I would like to extend my leave for another 4 days. I have been suffering from High fever and doctor has advised me to take rest for another 4 days. I request you to please consider my request as this is that first time I am applying for sick leave.

My sick leave will be effective from 1st May 2015 to 7th May 2015; I would like you to extend the leave date to 12th May 2015.

I will be rejoining the office on 12th May. In-case the project requires extra effort to finish this month’s targets I am ready to do work over time and get the job done.

Yours Sincerely
IT recruiting