Leave Letter For Bank Employee Sample

A bank employee can pertain for a leave before a month or a week. As bank jobs are measured to be the busiest as you deal with investment, financial records and queries of people.

When applying for a leave make sure you do it to the exact manager before a week or month. On average every bank has few leaves to staff, if you have the leaves you can write to them about the number leaves you have remaining this year and you want to utilize them.

For women taking a maternity leave is very essential as the doctors might have advised to take a leave to take of the newborn. So in such situations you need to contact your manager with a leave letter to extent the leave for few more days. Mention the exact date and time when you will be back to work. Ensure to come back on the same day as mentioned in the leave letter. Below is a sample on how to write a leave letter for a bank employee.

Sample Leave Letter For Bank Employee:

Senior Bank Manager
110 Borough Road,
London SE1 0AA, United Kingdom
London South Bank University

Dated 1st June 2015

Subject: maternity leave letter

Hi Filntoff,

This is Jessica, I am writing this letter to inform you that I need a maternity leave for 6 months, I have consulted the doctor yesterday and according to him the delivery date is on June 15th and I need 6 months rest after the delivery.

I have problem with the blood and sugar levels for which the doctor advised me for bed rest. I will be present to work on December 1st 2015. I will attending the office for a week and finish all the work that is required. I hope you understand my problem and we can also have a personal meeting tomorrow. I request you to approve my leave and grant me acquiescence for 6 months.

I have also requested Alex to talk to my clients and work with them and he has accepted my request. Waiting for you response.

Thanks you