Leave Letter Sample to HR

Every registered company or a business will have an Human Resource Department and they indeed take care of the leave request process of an employee.

There comes situations where you need to apply unplanned leave. It can happen after taking a long leave. So writing a leave letter to HR is always tough job for many of the employees, as for sure the HR department will consider this as loss of pay. So its important that you have to write a convincing letter, mention the reason for the leave in unavoidable situation and how many days it may take.

Below is a sample leave letter to HR:

Dear Jacobs,

I am writing this letter to inform you that i will be taking leave from today i.e 22nd June 2015 to 24th June 2015. The reason for sudden leave is that my daughter fell down in school and broke her ankle.

I need to visit the hospital urgently. I know i have already taken a long leave last week and you need to understand how serious my problem is. I want you to consider this as a personal leave. I have already informed by project manager and got his approval.

Your sincerely