Leave Letter To School Teacher Due To Fever

Follow the sample letter below to write a leave letter to school teacher, a leave letter to class teacher or principle is written when a student is suffering from fever, sick due to a disease. The sample leave sick leave letter/email format helps parents to draft there letter quickly.

It’s always important for parents to inform the respective class teacher about the leave. When writing leave letter due to fever, let the teacher know how many days this leave would be. Also ensure to attach the medical certificates given in the hospital.

Leave Letter To School Teacher Due To Fever Sample:


10854 M 32 E
Johannesburg, MI, United States

Subject: Application of leave letter to due to fever

Respected Madam,

I am Patrica, mother of Nancy, the reason for writing this letter is to inform that Nancy who is studying in your school in 8th stand is suffering from malaria fever since 2 days. I actually assumed it to be normal sickness and when the blood test was done last night it was confirmed she had Malaria.

She is unable to walk and speak. Doctor has advised to take rest for a week. I am writing this letter to grant her leave for a week. As the exams are nearing i would request you to take special class when she returns back, we will pay the extra amount for the special class. I will be talking to your principal regard the issue next week.

I have also attached/enclosed the medical certificate for fever for your reference. If you have any queries you can call me on 987767888.

Thank You So Much,