Letter Requesting Extension Of Time To Pay

Being into business you sometimes can’t pay the bills on the date you should and you require few more days to pay. In this situation it is good to write a requesting extension of time letter to a company, bank or supplier.

Sample Letter Requesting Extension Of Time To Pay:

Dear Sir,

I am really sorry to ask you for an extension of time on your bill for $ 1000.00. I would have made the payment before the stipulated date but my collections have been delayed because of recent floods in our area.

As you are aware we depend on our customers and clients to pay our bills since there has been an appreciable improvement in the flood situation, I am likely to get my dues from the customers very soon. I have also been assured of a cheque of large amount from one of my reliable customers by Thursday next.

We must therefore request you for 10 days extension of time on your bills. We really regret this delay in payment and hope it will not inconvenience you much.

Yours Sincerely