Love Letter For Ex Girlfriend Sample

The sweet love letter sample helps you get your girl friend. You might have broken up with her for various reasons, but love is unconditional. You always wish to stay with the loved ones, follow the letter and get back your girlfriend back.

Sample Love Letter For Ex Girlfriend:

Date: 12/11/2014

My dear Angelina,

I hope this finds you in best health and I felt happy receiving your letter after a long time. Thanks for responding to my letter. For both of our good times I’ve been I realized how happy we were together in school but we have decided to go our separate ways due to some clashes in the last moment and for our careers.

I know I was not perfect to you at that time but now I have settled in good position and am leading my life happily it’s all because I recognized my missteps when you left but always I had utmost respect for you in my heart.

After many years till today am waiting for your love and affection, I would like to share something about me, I had a relationship with another girl for last 2 years but unfortunately we ended our relationship because I felt that we were not made for each other and you are the one who already won my heart and I would like to continue my life with you. I love you to the peaks and am sure I’ll make you happy in our future. You’re the most precious thing which has happened to me, I want your love affections support all my life. Please come back soon.

Love you forever, will be waiting for good news from your end,

Yours lovingly,