Love Letter For Ex Wife Sample

Get your ex-wife back by writing simple love letter which may solve your problem

Sample Love Letter For Ex Wife:

Albert string

Date: 12/11/2014

Subject: I want You back my love

My Sweet Ruby,

I hope this letter finds you in best health as I leave here.I have received your letter but am sorry I could not write to you for some time. I just can’t believe the fact that it’s almost a year since we gossiped.

I know due to some clashes we stayed away but still I love you, I would like to continue our relationship and I am sorry I dint care for you because of my work tensions but always I tried hard to keep you happy, please come back soon and I promise you that I‘ll make you happy and ill not repeat my mistakes in future.

It’s hard to leave without you in my life, every moment became unhappy; I realized your value when you left me. I still don’t understand how I continued my life for one year without you. I don’t want to continue my life any more staying away from you and I can’t imagine my life with anyone else.

Love you all my life, I will be waiting eagerly for your arrival.

Yours Affectionately,

Albert string