Marketing Email Letter For New Product

When a company wants to advertise their new product it is important that they share the samples of the product with clients and business partners. Writing a marketing letter or email of the new product will always make your business withstand trust worthy.

Launching a new product with an email or letter will help you in expanding the business and also the product can gain huge popularity in no time. Your partners and clients will help you with indirect advertising and marketing.

Follow the sample email below to write a marketing email for new product.

Sample marketing email/letter for new product

Greetings from Eyekart!!

Dear Business Partners,

I am writing this email on behalf of Eyekart company, am Jones from the marketing department, I wish to inform you about a new product launched last week. The product is named as Eyecooler 800 manufactured exclusively for every computer user in the world. The eyelens can be installed on the spectacles, which helps users watching the laptop, smartphones for hours in cooling eyes. It prevents drying the eyes. You can visit the complete information about the product displayed on our web portal.

This product is sold directly from our company and interested clients can happily contact our marketing team agents to start the distribution in you areas. I last one week we have already had many sales and distributors from different companies have already purchased the eyelens in bulk. We have seen the sales increase as every IT professional requires something that can help their eyes and we have done it once again. As you are our business partner since long time I wish you don’t miss the chance. Place your orders quickly.

Once again you can see the sales and pricing details in the attachment below. Thanks for your cooperation!

Thank you