Medical Hardship Letter Email

Their comes a situation in life where you need to plead a medical bill collector of a hospital asking to reduce the bill amount or requesting to pay the bill weekly or monthly. You are going to request a medical bill collector using a medical hardship letter. A medical hardship letter is the best way to describe your situation and how you would like to pay the bills. Many of us have medical insurance but the limit may exceed and we can’t pay the total amount of a patient admitted in hospital. In such cases a medical hardship letter comes in handy, follow the sample letter below and draft according to your situation.

Sample Medical Hardship Letter Email:



Credit Manger
Hospital Name

Re: Request For Medical Hardship

Dear Amy,

I am Mr John, son of Ms Katherine, who is admitted in your hospital since 2 weeks due to sleep apnea. The intention of this letter is to provide me space of medical hardship for my mother medical bills. I am employed since 2 months and i draw a salary of $50,000, i have to take care of the two sisters as my dad expired last year. I see the bills mounting to $150,000 for the next week. I am requesting you to collect the payment in a monthly manner, as I cannot pay the said bill at once. The situation doesn’t allow me to pay all bills and please assist paying the bills monthly with a assurance letter and signing a promissory note.

I require you to look into my matter and allow me to pay my pending bills as said above. Will meet you in the hospital tomorrow.