Mission Trip Fundraising Email Letter Sample

Very few charitable organizations in the world do help homeless, food-less people with their mission trip using fundraising emails and letters. These organizations pick certain countries, states or regions of the world asking for donations to provide food, shelter, medical aid etc. It’s this help from the millionaires that can save many live and give them a happy family. A mission trip letter sample is provided below:

Sample Mission Trip Fundraising Email Letter:


Subject: Donation for [organization]

Dear Donors,

Advanced merry Christmas wishes!! This is Christ love organization, we are writing this letter to let you all be kind to homeless and foodless humans in certain parts of the world. We will be reaching every region and arranging medical camps and provide food. We want your helping hands in making a successful mission trip; please make a donation as much possible.

You do read daily news how people are suffering without food and shelter. We want you all to make a contribution to help all those people. We have been doing this with personal interest. From this December we are starting our trip from Asia and will reach North America by next December 2016. You can deposit the amounts directly in the bank account, or make a payment online. We also have many branch offices, you can check out web portal to know about the address, you can pay in the branches filling a form.

Jesus gave us the planet to make a love out everything. So please make the world more beautiful.

Joo Root
Christ love organization