New Website Announcement Email Template

Take a look at the New Website Announcement Email Template! Follow the template and draft your own letter or email.

Sample New Website Announcement Email Template

Dear Friends,

Hope you find this mail is best of your health.

I am feeling happy to inform you that I have started an educational training organization with the name “Educativeszone”.

Better part of praise for this small achievement of my life goes to you as this has become possible only because of your direct & indirect association with me. Many positive things I have learned in my life and you were the source of it.

Today also I require your help & support in taking this journey forward. I will be making our organization website live in second week of June 2015 & our social pages on 26th May 2015. I request you to join me on our social pages so that we can be in touch & help our organization grow. Find my social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

I really appreciate that you find time for reading this personal letter.

Praying for your success.

Yours truly
Tony Greig