Notice of Lease Termination Letter

Notice of Lease Termination Letter is the letter sent to land lord by tenant or to tenant by landlord notifying the wish to close the lease. Based on the lease agreement tenant/landlord must provide the advance notice of terminating the lease. Here is the sample notice of lease termination letter from landlord to tenant written by a South African landlord to his tenant who also shared his reasons behind his termination.

Sample Notice of Lease Termination Letter:

Chalice (tenant)
5110 SE Stark St
Portland, OR 97215
United States

Date: 04/12/2014

Lavonia (land lord)
Saks Fifth Avenue
7489 SW Bridgeport Rd
Portland, OR 97224
United States

Subject: claiming to increase the rent or set off

Dear tenant,

This letter reminds you of our 3 years agreement which has been ended. In accordance with the tenancy contract,this notification fulfills the condition of 3 months’ notice. So I am appealing you to increase the payment plus amount for other services or set of with in the applicable date March 3rd 2014.

If you agree to pay the amount that i am claiming then it should be paid before the termination date in this notice. Under the conditions, it is affordable that you must increase by 15% at the earliest as per our agreement you had verbally agreed that after 2 years you would suitably increase the amount but you have not paid. Still I have allowed you to stay on in my premises even after the end of our agreement date.If you depart by the date in this notice, your lease will wind up on the last date. Please do contact on phone 456-3829-876 for further queries. Thanks for your cooperation during our deal, I really appreciate your self-discipline.

I hope we will maintain our further relationships in future.

Yours faithfully,