Post Interview Thank You Letter Examples

Follow the sample letter below to write a post interview thank you letter/email after the 1st round of interview is finished and you have either been offered the job or selected for the second round of interview.

The example formatted below will help you in writing a post interview thank you letter in a professional way, showing your happiness and thanking the recruiter for the job offered. The starting paragraph should start with a thank you note and further write about how happy yours, and what it is like working for the company.

Always make sure you reply to the same email sent by the company. Take a look at both the email samples.

Post Interview Thank You Letter Examples

Subject: Thank you for the job offer

Respect Sir,

I hear by thank you for sending me the letter stating I have been selected for the post of system analyst. I am so excited to work with your company and will execute my skills to assist every part of systems department.

I will be joining the company on 25th October and will take on all the responsibilities of system analyst. I once again thank you for selecting me and giving me a chance to help the company.



Subject: Thank You For Selecting For The Second Round

Respected Sir,

I felt so happy in receiving this email. Though the reply was bit late, I was sure that I will be called up for the second round. I have been so confident with the 1st round and expecting to put the same efforts in the second.

As mentioned, I will be right in the office on 26th October at 10am.