Post Job Interview Thank You Note/Letter Example

Writing a thank you note after job interview is so important; the sample example below helps in writing yours.

Writing a Post Job Interview Thank You Note


Write post job interview letter to the interviewer can really help you get noticed. Write your thank you letter as soon as you get home, just go back to the interview and think of anything that was highlighted during the interview conversation, also remind them of the qualifications that you have and why you make a great fit in the organization, also bring up anything else you might have talked about, even if it’s a little silly.

Your letter can be short and sweet but be very careful to really make sure that everything is spelt perfectly before you send it out, remember you are trying to share them just how professional you can be, that will show good you can be in there company.

Post Job Interview Thank You Note Letter Sample:

Dear Sara,

Thank you for taking your time to talk with me today regarding the customer care position, after learning how much you value customer service, I really felt that my experience and passion will fit in with your company, this will mean if have any question, i will look forward to hearing from you.

I really enjoyed discussion about the restaurants and hope one day we will go together.

Thanks again