Product Proposal Letter Sample Free

Product proposal letter is written by a business or individual who want to advertise about a new product in order to get more sales in the market. You as a product manufactures tries to take help of another companies in getting many more products manufactured and advertised.

A product proposal letter should be written in a professional way with detailed information of how the product will work and how the company is going to gain profits using the new product to their products. Follow the sample letter format when writing a product proposal letter.

Sample Product Proposal Letter:

Hi Warner,

I am Mitchell, a student of science and technology from California university, my intent in writing this letter is let you know about the a small engine part i have invented with help of my friends. I have been working hard to trying to make this machine which helps you provide more mileage for your bikes. The part can be attached to the engines of the bikes and will increase the mileage by 20%.

I have been working on it for about 2 years and we have tried it out, which was a great success, the video attached will give you a better idea. I got this concept designed myself. I and my friends have been using this for our bikes from 1 week and we checked the mileage has increased to 20%.

I wish we would meet soon to have an agreement deal, i will provide you all the details on how the part works. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. You can email me or call on the number 9234264322